Purchasing Information - Terms & Conditions

Supplier to Clint Precision Manufacturing shall provide the following additional information as needed or when requested.

  1. When the Supplier wants to change the product, process, procedures, equipment or specifications, it must acquire Clint Precision Manufacturing’s, approval before changing product design, content, specifications, process requirements, technical data or requirements.
  2. When required, Suppliers shall provide evidence of qualification of personnel when requested by Clint Precision Manufacturing.
  3. Suppliers to Clint Precision Manufacturing shall maintain a quality management system unless waivered in writing in advance by Clint Precision Manufacturing management.  An example is to use and be compliant to ISO 9001.
  4. The Supplier shall provide the identification, and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data when requested by Clint Precision Manufacturing.
  5. The Supplier shall notify Clint Precision Manufacturing, of nonconforming product when found in its facility (ies) or if found at another customer from the same lot number.
  6. Obtain Clint Precision Manufacturing, approval of nonconforming product disposal at our company facilities.
  7. Notify Clint Precision Manufacturing, of changes in product and or process, changes of the Supplier’s raw material suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location(s), and when needed, obtain Clint Precision Manufacturing, approval in writing.
  8. When informed by Clint Precision Manufacturing, the Supplier shall maintain technical test records and verification records, when product compliance testing records must be retained.
  9. Clint Precision Manufacturing, its Customer(s) and or regulatory authorities retain the right to access all applicable Supplier’s manufacturing areas and review product validation or quality records with 24 hour notice.